Lucky Man

Verse 1

Well, I've been waitin' for you , baby, (yeah, yeah)
Waitin' for the sun to rise
Wondering how it all began
I see the love in your eyes
Telling me to hold on tight
You might not pass this way again
But, if I get just one night, baby, would it be alright
To stay with you until the morning light
Cause, I'M A LUCKY MAN, doin' the best I can

Verse 2

How'd I ever find you , baby
With my life in disarray
Workin' without a plan
But, you brought sweet harmony
With your beauty and your grace
Sure changed the way I am
For this I thank you, babe, until my dyin' day
Ain't goin' back that way (no sir)
Cause, I'M A LUCKY MAN, doin' the best I can
Yeah, I'M A Lucky Man  (inst)


When I look back upon this life I've led
And the loved ones I've caused pain
There finally comes a time
Just once in each man's life
When it's time to break the chains

Verse 3

When I take a look around me
Don't see anyone but you
Sure brought some focus to my life
I start dreamin' 'bout tomorrows
And all that life could be
With you beside me as my wife
If you'd just marry me, you'd set my spirit free
Please, spend your life with me, (please, baby)
Hell, I'm just a Lucky Man, doin' the best I can
Yeah, I'M A Lucky Man


No more pain inside, all my tears have dried
You're right here by my side
Sure changed the way I am, doin' the best I can
Babe, you gotta understand, (I need you, baby)
Just look at me , tell me what you see
You,You've set my spirit free
You're lookin' at a Lucky Man, yeah, yeah
I'm that Lucky Man

CP 1996/2009 David Thompson


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