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CHECK IT OUT!!!-David Thompson's New Song-'Renegade Radio-XERF' & Instrumental

  If you traveled the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona area in the fifties and early sixties about your only driving companion at night was the AM radio in your car. At that time there were only two stations that you could receive reliably out in the desert. One was 50,000 watt KOMA, a clear channel AM station out of Oklahoma City and the other was the legendary XERF, broadcasting from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, down highway 90 across from the border town of Del Rio, Texas. At times XERF was able to broadcast at 250,000 watts and was one of the famous or infamous 'Border Blaster' stations of that era. Much has been written about this station, from being the fabled starting place for Wolfman Jack, to the extremely eclectic programming, to the corruption, fighting and ultimate nationalization by the Mexican Ferderales trying to stop the criminal activity around the station and so much more, Songs such as 'Heard It On The X' by ZZ Top and others immortalized the legend, some stories true, some maybe a little exaggerated....., or not, who really knows? (Google XERF)

  My mother is 89 years old and on her birthday in May I was asking her questions about dim events in my own childhood. I remembered traveling at night through that area in the fifties during a particularly bad dust storm. We had stopped at a gravel covered truck stop she said  was in eastern Arizona to wait it out. Remember, this was before the interstates, so to pass the time we had the radio on searching for something to listen to. I recalled being in the back with my two brothers and my sister looking between the front seats and seeing the glow of  the AM radio dial, like a 'Mystic Eye', and being in wonder at what was coming out of that speaker. That memory has never left me and is the basis of this song, 'Renegade Radio-XERF'. To hear a sample of this song go to;

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