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"Out On The Highway,
Gonna Have Me Some Fun..."

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"Rock & Roll For The Open Highway"  is how David Thompson describes the music off the 4 CDs from the Redding, Calif. band 'RIDER'. With all songs written by David, the CDs feature the incredible instrumental and singing contributions from the cream of Redding and Northern California's studio session players, all of whom are known for work in their own bands and on their own projects.

The first CD 'RIDER' got airplay 26 of 32 weeks (as of 6/27/97) on Z-ROCK, KRQR, 106.7 FM, Chico, CA. where they played all of the 12 tracks and one new song, "Call My Name!" The program, hosted by Dori Taylor and Johnny Kind, was called 'RAW CUTS" and was on 8 to 9PM, Sundays, playing only original north state music. The second CD 'RIDE ON' was 4 years in the making and was released 9/15/01 with 16 new songs that continue the 'RIDER' tradition of rock, blues, funk, science fiction, and even 2 songs in the country field. The CD also has alternate stylistic versions of several songs featuring different vocalists. David, along with Ty Tuschen on lead acoustic guitar, was featured on Redding CA's 106X rock radio show 'Local X', (106.1 FM), hosted by Don Burton for a half hour interview and live, in the studio, acoustic performance of one of David's songs, 'Taste Of Candy'. This show aired on Sunday April 7, 2002 at 8PM. On Nov 17 the 'Local X' played the song, 'Victim Of The Plan', as part of a compilation show of various artist's past performances and on Dec 15, David was again interviewed on the 'Local X' where they played his new song, 'The Man I Want To Be'. This song featured Jamie Lee, a great new vocalist that David had just started working with. All in all, these last few years have been very good and 2011 has been even better and it's not over yet!

David Thompson

I truly hope that the public will enjoy the music on these CDs. One of my continuing goals, in addition to promoting the albums, is to keep submitting the songs that I write to TAXI, Broadjam and to music publishers, (actually, to anybody who will listen), with the hope of placing some of the material with these publishers or with other artists to record. As of 3/25/11, 61 songs have been forwarded. On Jan. 2,03, the publishing company Essential Music notified me that they were interested in licensing one of my songs, 'Lookin' For My Baby' for placement in television and movie projects that they work with. On Jan. 29 they, again, notified me that would also like to license, 'Keep My Lovin' Alive' for some of the same kinds of projects. On July 11th I was notified that the song 'Lookin' For My Baby' had been picked up and 23 seconds would be played as background in one of the scenes on the ABC network television program 'All My Children', on the Monday, July 14th episode, my very first placement. As of 11/01/06, that song had been played 6 more times on different episodes and 'Keep My Lovin' Alive' twice.

With 4 CDs out  David continues to promote 'Rider' as an opening act for touring major name rock bands playing concerts in northern Calif. and has been honored to open for REO Speedwagan at the 1200 seat Events Center Showroom at the Win-River Casino  in Redding, Ca. (see REO Pictures page) That show was part of 'Rider's' CD release party for David's third album  'Any Questions?!!'


Thanks To All Of Our Fans - David

"I Wish To Sincerely Thank All  Who Helped Bring My Songs To Life"



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